Diocesan Feastday January 25th – Feast of St Paul

Rt Rev Angelo Floro Bishop of Gokwe

Rt Rev Angelo Floro Bishop of Gokwe



Gokwe Cathedral













Bishop Angelo M. Floro
Appointed Bishop of Gokwe on 20 November 1999.
Ordained and installed at Gokwe on 19 February 2000.

Bishop’s House
Sasame 2 Area
Box 90
Tel: (059) 2396
Fax: (059) 2382
E-mail:diogokwe@adtech.co.zw OR amfloro24@hotmail.com

Succeeded Bishop Michael D. Bhasera who was appointed first Bishop of Masvingo.

The Diocese of Gokwe, cut off from the Diocese of Hwange, was erected on 19 October 1991. The Diocese comprises the Civil Districts of Gokwe North and Gokwe South, the area of Omay between the Sengwa and Sanyati rivers in the Kariba District, and the area of Nkayi District, north of the Shangani river. It is bounded on the North by the Kariba Lake, on the east by Kariba and Kadona Districts, on the south by Kwekwe and Nkayi Districts, and on the west by Lupane and Binga Districts.

Area: 26,000 square kilometres
Population: 500,000
Catholics: 62, 914


Vicar General: Very Rev. Fr. Stanslaus Mutunami
Financial Administrator: Fr. Amon Mharadzano
Chancellor: Fr. S. Mutunami
Secretary: Sr. Mercy Machona


  • Frs: S. Mutunami,
  • Robert Ndlovu,
  • Rosendo Garres,
  • Eliot Vumbanyama,
  • Amon Mharadzano and
  • Maria Dass

Finance Council:

  • Frs: S. Mutunami,
  • A Mharadzano,
  • R. Ndlovu,
  • R. Garres and
  • Joconiah Nyoni.

Diocesan Delegates:

Education Mr. S.G. Muchimwe
Pastoral Centre: Fr. Carmelo Perez
Marriage and Family Apostolate: Fr. Eliot Vumbanyama
Biblical Apostolate Fr. Carmelo Perez
Catechetics: Fr. Antonio Llamas
Liturgy: Fr. F Chirodzero
PMS: Fr. A. Mharadzano
Vocations: Fr. S. Mutunami
Social Communications: Fr. J. Mugara
Ecumenism Fr. S. Mutunami

Diocesan Coordinators:

CADEC: Sr. Kizita Chikamba
Health/HIV/AIDS: Sr. Chiedza Mlandu
CYA: Sr. Diana T. Kanyere
CCJP Fr. J. Mugara

Spiritual Advisers:

Youth: Fr. N. Matongo
Justice and Peace: Fr. J. Mugara
CADEC: Fr. Fermin Rodriguez
St Joseph’s Association: Fr. V. Mavingire
St Anne’s Association: Fr. Maria Dass


Pastoral Council Chairperson: Mr L. Tarugarira
Presbytereral Council Org. Secretary: Fr. N. Matong
St Anne’s Association Chairwoman: Mrs E. Kore
St Joseph’s Association Chairman: Mr. L. Tarugarira
C.Y.A Mr. T. Chijuwa