Archbishop Robert Christopher Ndlovu, President of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference

The Bishops elected a new executive committee on 12 April 2018. The Chairmanship of the Commissions remains the same except for Conference of Major Religious Superiors (CMRS) whose Episcopal Chairman is now Rt. Rev. Bishop R. Mupandasekwa.

 President:                               Most Rev. Archbishop Robert C. Ndlovu

 Vice President:                      Most Rev. Alex Thomas

 Secretary/Treasurer:            Rt. Rev. Paul Horan


                  EPISCOPAL COMMISSIONS CHAIRMEN 2017 – 2020


Commission for Evangelization                            The Rt. Rev. Albert Serrano

& Catechesis / The Pastoral Centre/                      Bishop of Hwange

Commission for Liturgy & Worship

Commission for Clergy,                                        Rt. Rev. Raymond Mupandasekwa

Religious & Vocations,                                         Bishop of Chinhoyi

Pontifical Mission Societies

Seminary Commission                                          The Mt. Rev. Robert C. Ndlovu

Seminary Board                                                    Archbishop of Harare

Caritas Zimbabwe/ Refugees / Migrants/              The Mt. Rev. Alex Thomas

Health Commission/HIV&AIDS Desk                Archbishop of Bulawayo

Education and Culture Commission                     The Rt. Rev. Rudolf Nyandoro

Bishop of Gokwe

 Catholic Commission for                                      The Rt. Rev. Rudolf Nyandoro

Justice & Peace in Zimbabwe/CPLO                    Bishop of Gokwe

 Marriage & Family Commission                           The Rt. Rev. Michael D. Bhasera

Theology & Canon Law                                       Bishop of Masvingo

 National Marriage Tribunal                                   The Mt. Rev. Robert C. Ndlovu                                                                                             Archbishop of Harare


National Catholic Council of the Laity                The Rt. Rev.

National Catholic Youth Council                         Bishop of Gweru

 Social Communications Commission                    The Rt. Rev. Paul Horan

Commission for Ecumenism and                          Bishop of Mutare

Interreligious Dialogue



 Seminary Board:               Archbishop R. C. Ndlovu, Archbishop Alex Thomas,

Bishop R. Nyandoro

 Finance Committee:          Bishop P. Horan, Archbishop Alex Thomas, Bishop A. Serrano.